Encryption is the process of changing data into a form that cannot be read until it is deciphered with the key used to encrypt the data, protecting the data from unauthorized access and use. Encryption is primarily designed to protect the data once it is offline and to prevent it from being accessed by unauthorized users. Users will be able to read and append the encrypted data as long as a key server token containing the correct key is installed and the appropriate passwords are available.

When a key manager is enabled and properly configured, tape data will automatically be encrypted with keys delivered from the key manager. The HP Enterprise Secure Key Manager is designed to deliver keys to encrypt/decrypt data appropriately. If the keys are not delivered on time for encrypting the data or if the keys are not delivered on time for decrypting the encrypted data, then users may find it difficult to read/write the data. Therefore, it is imperative to monitor the HP Enterprise Secure Key Manager. eG Enterprise helps administrators to monitor the HP Enterprise Secure Key Manager and identify issues before end users complain of improper encryption/decryption of data. The chapters discussed below helps administrators to figure out how eG Enterprise helps in monitoring the HP Enterprise Secure Key Manager.