The HP P2000 SAN storage system is a high-performance storage solution that provides direct attached, external shared storage services. It allows storage capacity to be expanded as needed, up to 57.6 TB SAS, 288 TB SAS Midline (MDL) or 192 TB SATA MDL, using the maximum additional drive enclosures with Large Form Factor (LFF) drives. The array can be configured with a single controller or with dual controllers for higher availability and performance.

Owing to its flexible, yet fail-proof architecture, HP P2000 storage systems are very popular in medium and large-sized enterprises, where uninterrupted access to data is key. Anything that renders the data inaccessible or delays access to data, such as a sensor failure or a disk failure or an I/O overload, can be disastrous to these mission-critical IT environments. This is why, it is imperative that the HP P2000 storage system is continuously monitored for performance flaws – both small or big! The eG Enterprise helps administrators in this regard!