Pre-requisites for Monitoring the HP EVA

To collect the useful statistics discussed above, the eG agent integrates with the following software components bundled with the HP Command View EVA software suite:

  1. HP StorageWorks Command View EVAPerf
  2. HP StorageWorks Storage System Scripting Utility (SSSU)

While a few tests executed by the eG agent use the HP StorageWorks Command View EVAPerf tool, a few others use the HP StorageWorks Storage System Scripting Utility (SSSU) for metrics collection. To ensure the hassle-free execution of these tests, the following primary pre-requisites are to be fulfilled:

  1. The eG agent should be deployed on the same system as the EVAPerf and SSSU components mentioned above; to determine whether/not the EVAPerf component is installed on a target host, check for the existence of the following software components on that host:

    • evapdcs.exe - EVA Data Collection service, which gathers data from the EVAs that are visible to a host and stores it in memory cache
    • evaperf.exe - HP Command View EVAPerf command line interface
    • evapmext.dll - DLL extension for Windows Performance Monitor, the graphical user interface
    • EVAPerf - TLViz-Formatter.exe–EVAPerf TLViz Formatter user interface, which formats the HP CommandView EVAPerf all command output so you can view it with the HP TLViz tool.
    • EVADATA.MDB - A Microsoft Access database template you can use to view the all command output in a database. The data from the command output resides in individual tables.
    • MSADODC.OCX - This .le is required to operate the EVAPerf TLVIZ Formatter use interface

    By default, these components will be available in the C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\EVA Performance Monitor directory on the host.

    Similarly, you can be sure that the SSSU component has been installed on a host if you can locate the SSSU.exe file on that host.

  2. The SSSU utility should be configured with at least one array