Adding a HP VC-Flex

eG Enterprise monitors the HP VC-Flex using an eG external agent that is deployed on any remote host in the environment. This eG agent polls the SNMP MIB of the HP VC-Flex at configured intervals to gather its performance statistics.

Before attempting to monitor the component, ensure that the component is SNMP-enabled. The steps for manually adding HP VC-Flex component are detailed below:

  1. Login to the eG admin interface as a user with administrative privileges.
  2. Follow the Infrastructure -> Components -> Add/Modify Component menu sequence in the Admin tile menu.
  3. From the page that appears, select HP VC-Flex as the Component type and click the Add New Component button.
  4. Figure 1 will then appear.

    Figure 1 : Adding HP VC-Flex component

  5. Specify the Host IP/Name and the Nick name for the HP VC-Flex component.
  6. Choose an external agent for the target component by picking an option from the External agents list box.
  7. Finally, click the Add button to add the component to the eG Enterprise system.