What is HP VC-Flex?

The HP Virtual Connect Flex Ethernet Module for c-Class BladeSystem is an innovative, new class of integrated blade interconnects. It is a new class of blade interconnect that simplifies server connections by cleanly separating the server enclosure from LAN, simplifies networks by reducing cables without adding switches to manage, and allows you to change servers in just minutes, not days, and tailors network connections and speeds based on application needs. This technology significantly reduces infrastructure costs by increasing the number of NIC’s (Network Interface Card) per connection without adding extra blade I/O modules and reducing cabling uplinks to the data center network.

Why Monitor HP VC-Flex?

In mission critical environments, even the slightest of deficiencies in the performance of the HP VC Flex blade interconnect if not detected promptly and resolved quickly, can result in inadvertent failures and excessive bandwidth usage. To avoid such eventualities, eG Enterprise offers a specialized HP VC Flex blade interconnect monitoring model.

By closely monitoring the target HP VC Flex blade interconnect, administrators can be proactively alerted to issues in the overall performance and critical operations of the blade interconnect, identify serious issues and plug the holes before any damage occurs.