How to Monitor HPE StoreOnce Backup using eG Enterprise?

eG Enterprise employs an agentless approach to monitor a HPE StoreOnce Backup system. To collect the required metrics from the target HPE StoreOnce Backup system, the following pre-requisites should be fulfilled.

Pre-requisites for Monitoring HPE StoreOnce Backup

To enable the eG agent to monitor the HPE StoreOnce Backup system, the following pre-requisite should be fulfilled:

The eG agent executes REST APIs on the target HPE StoreOnce Backup system to collect the required metrics. In order to execute the REST APIs, a special user with user role is required. Ensure that such a user with user role is available in the target environment where the HPE StoreOnce Backup system is to be monitored.

Once the aforesaid requirement is fulfilled, the eG agent will execute the REST APIs and will report useful metrics revealing the performance of the target HPE StoreOnce Backup system in the eG monitor interface.