What is HPE StoreOnce Backup?

HPE StoreOnce protects small, remote offices to enterprise data centers with highly scalable dedicated appliances and agile virtual appliances and with your choice of backup and recovery software to deliver robust, flexible enterprise-wide data protection. HP StoreOnce Backup systems reduce the amount of backup data user needs to store by up to 95%, so with the scale-out architecture user can pay-as-you-grow to retain up to 10 petabytes of data in a single pool. They provide automated backup and DR operations.

The following are the key features of HPE StoreOnce Backup systems:

  • Federated Deduplication: Single dedupe engine across the enterprise from the smallest remote site to the largest data centre. Variable block based deduplication saves disk space and cost

  • Flexible: Deduplication everywhere that can be easily managed and configured

  • Rapid restore: Restore even the biggest data volumes at speed to get operations back online

  • High availability: Complete peace of mind for backup and restore operations

  • Simple management: Control movement of deduped data from a single pane of glass

  • High performance: Meet backup windows with StoreOnce Catalyst

  • Integrated Data Protection for 3PAR Flash: Combine the performance of snapshots with the protection of backup for business applications