Why Monitor Hadoop?

Hadoop is commonly used to power search engines, for processing logs, in data warehousing, and in video and image analysis. In short, Hadoop is widely used by business-critical applications where high availability and rapid processing of large volumes of data are key. Where such applications are in use, a processing bottleneck or a storage crunch on the Hadoop cluster can adversely impact application performance, causing user experience with the application to suffer.

To avoid this, administrators should monitor the availability, processing ability, space usage, and overall health of a Hadoop cluster. This is where eG Enterprise helps!

eG Enterprise provides a specialized model for monitoring Hadoop. This model alerts administrators to real and potential issues in the performance of the cluster, and brings operational inconsistencies in the core components of the Hadoop architecture - eg., DataNodes, NodeManager, ResourceManager etc. - to the notice of administrators. This way, eG Enterprise ensures the timely resolution of cluster-related issues, and thus paves the way for high uptime and peak performance of the Hadoop cluster.