Hardware Monitoring using ILOM

ILOM enables you to actively manage and monitor the Solaris server independently of the operating system state, providing you with a reliable Lights Out Management (LOM) system. With ILOM, you can proactively:

  • Learn about hardware errors and faults as they occur
  • Remotely control the power state of your server
  • View the graphical and non-graphical consoles for the host
  • View the current status of sensors and indicators on the system
  • Determine the hardware configuration of your system
  • Receive generated alerts about system events in advance via IPMI PETs, SNMP Traps, or Email Alerts.

The eG agent communicates with the ILOM and collects the necessary hardware status information independently. Every component monitored by eG Enterprise is represented as a set of hierarchical layers, with every layer mapped to a logical group of tests that are executed on the component. The hardware tests related to Solaris servers are mapped to the Operating System layer of the target component.

All these tests are disabled by default. To enable the test, go to the enable / disable tests page using the menu sequence : Agents -> Tests -> Enable/Disable, pick the component-type for which these tests are to be enabled as the Component type, set Performance as the Test type, choose the tests from the disabled tests list, and click on the >> button to move the tests to the enabled tests list. Finally, click the Update button.