Pre-requisites for Monitoring the Hitachi AMS

To ensure that the eG agent is able to use both the Performance Monitor and the SNMP MIB (of the device) effectively for collecting metrics from the Hitachi AMS, the following pre-requisites should be fulfilled:

  1. The SNMP service should be enabled on the device;
  2. The eG SNMP trap receiver service should be installed on the external agent host;
  3. SNMP traps should be enabled on the device and configured to send traps to the external agent host;
  4. The Hitachi Performance Monitor software should be available;
  5. The Storage Navigator Modular (AMS) Version 7.0 or later should be available on the remote agent host;
  6. The Storage Navigator Modular (AMS) Version 7.0 or later should be able to connect to the storage unit being monitored, without requiring any user permissions.
  7. The eG agent can monitor only those storage units that are registered with the Storage Navigator Modular (AMS) Version 7.0 or later; if a target unit is neither discovered nor registered with the SNClient, do the following:

    • Login to the host on which the Storage Navigator Modular operates.
    • Go to the command prompt and switch to the directory: C:\Program Files\Storage Navigator Modular CLI
    • From this directory, run the following command to discover unregistered storage units:

      auunitaddauto -ip

    • All discovered storage units will then be listed as follows:

      Searching...    Detected Count : 1
      The subsystem of the following was discovered.
      No.  Name    Controller0         Controller1        Type           Construction     Serial No
      1     DF700M_75010626     DF700M      Dual               75010626

    • The command will now prompt you confirm whether you want to register the discovered subsystem with the Storage Navigator Modular. Type y here to register one/more of the discovered storage units.

      Are you sure you want to register the discovered subsystem? (y/n [y]) : y

    • Next, specify the No. of the discovered subsystem to register it.

      Please specify the number of the subsystem to register: 1

    • If registration is successful, the following message will appear:

      DF700M_75010626 has been registered.
      The subsystems have been registered successfully

  8. Micro program 0710/A or later is required;