What is Hitachi Content Platform?

Hitachi Content Platform is a distributed object storage system designed to support large, growing repositories of fixed-content data. Hitachi Content Platform provides a cost-effective, scalable, easy-to-use repository that can accommodate all types of data, from simple text files to multigigabyte database images.

As part of architectural view of typical Hitachi Content Platform, a single HCP System Level consists of Tenants. Under each Tenant, there exists Namespace and this Namespace stores objects like image files, text files of huge size. Namespaces are owned and managed by Tenants.

Figure 1 : Hitachi Content Platform Architecture

Why Monitor Hitachi Content Platform?

In mission critical environments, even the slightest of deficiencies in the performance of the object storage server if not detected promptly and resolved quickly, can result in irredeemable loss of critical data. To avoid such data loss and to ensure availability of data round the clock, the Hitachi Content Platform should be monitored periodically. For this purpose, eG Enterprise offers a specialized Hitachi Content Platform monitoring model.

By closely monitoring the target Hitachi Content Platform, administrators can be proactively alerted to issues in the overall performance and critical operations of the object storage server, identify serious issues and plug the holes before any data loss occurs.