The Hitachi Universal Storage Platform (USP) is an Enterprise class enclosure that provides both its own internal disk storage capabilities (up to 330TB of raw capacity) as well as the ability to pool and manage external storage platforms. External storage platforms can be connected to--and managed by--the USP software; both the external capacity and the internal capacity of the USP itself can be combined into a single storage pool that can itself be virtualized and presented to network hosts.

Failure of hardware components crucial to the functioning of the USP device (such as processors, batteries, fans, power supply units etc.), minimal cache usage, and excessive direct disk accesses, can significantly impact the performance of the device, thereby affecting the quality of the mission-critical services supported by the device. 24x7 monitoring of the device can greatly help in proactively identifying potential anomalies, and promptly averting them. This is exactly what eG Enterprise does!