The Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform is a high-capacity, high performance data storage system that offers a wide range of storage and data services, software, logical partitioning, and simplified and unified data replication across heterogeneous storage systems. Its large-scale, enterprise-class virtualization layer combined with dynamic provisioning, Dynamic Tiering, and thin provisioning software, delivers virtualization of internal and external storage into one pool.

Using this system, you can deploy applications within a new framework, leverage and add value to current investments, and more closely align IT with business objectives. VSP storage systems provide the foundation for matching application requirements to different classes of storage and deliver critical services including:

  • Business continuity services
  • Content management services (search, indexing)
  • Non-disruptive data migration
  • Thin provisioning
  • Dynamic Tiering
  • High availability
  • Security services
  • I/O load balancing
  • Data classification
  • File management services

New technological advances improve reliability, serviceability and access to disk drives and other components when maintenance is needed. Each component contains a set of LEDs that indicate the operational status of the component.

Failure of hardware components crucial to the functioning of the VSP storage device (such as processors, batteries, fans, power supply units etc.), minimal cache usage, and excessive direct disk accesses, can significantly impact the performance of the device, thereby affecting the quality of the mission-critical services supported by the device. 24x7 monitoring of the device can greatly help in proactively identifying potential anomalies, and promptly averting them. This is where eG Enterprise helps administrators by providing a specialized Hitachi VSP monitoring model.