Pre-requisites for monitoring the Hitachi VSP

To ensure that the eG agent is able to use both the Performance Monitor and the SNMP MIB (of the device) effectively for collecting metrics from the Hitachi VSP, the following pre-requisites should be fulfilled:

  • The SNMP service should be enabled on the device;
  • The eG SNMP trap receiver service should be installed on the external agent host;
  • The storage device should be configured to send SNMP traps to the external agent host;
  • The Hitachi Performance Monitor software should be available;
  • The Java export utility should be available on the remote agent host;


    For the eG Enterprise to monitor the Hitachi VSP and collect the required metrics, the version of the Java export utility on the remote agent host and the target Hitachi VSP storage navigator should be the same.

  • The eG agent should be configured with the credentials of a special user account, which is specifically created for use with the export utility; this account should fulfill the following conditions:

    • Should not possess the ‘write’ permission;
    • Can be of any user type; however, to ensure that the eG agent collects statistics pertaining to all storage partitions, it is recommended that this user is of type storage administrator;

Once the aforesaid pre-requisites are fulfilled, the eG agent will be able to collect the desired metrics from the VSP storage device. To start monitoring the Hitachi VSP, manage the Hitachi VSP component using eG Enterprise. For the detailed steps to achieve this, refer to .