Monitoring the Horizon Unified Access Gateway

To monitor the gateway appliance you have managed, log into the eG user interface as a user with rights to monitor the entire target environment or at least the managed gateway appliance.

eG Enterprise provides a specialized monitoring modelmonitoring model for the gateway appliance.

Figure 1 : Layer model of the Horizon Unified Access Gateway appliance

Each layer of this model is mapped to tests that report a variety of metrics revealing the availability, health, and overall performance of the gateway appliance. Using these metrics, administrators can find quick and accurate answers to the following performance queries:

  • Is the gateway appliance accessible and responsive over the network?
  • Is the appliance unable to connect to any of the VMware Horizon View Connection servers? If so, which connection server is inaccessible to the appliance?
  • Is any connection server responding slowly to the web requests from the appliance, and if so, which one?
  • What is the current session load on the appliance?
  • Have any logins to the appliance failed?
  • Is the backend reachable and running?
  • Has any protocol been disabled on the appliance? If so, which ones are disabled - PCoIP? RDP? Blast? UTServer?

The Access Gateway topic discusses the tests mapped to and measures reported by the Access Gateway layer of Figure 1. For details on the Web Server layer, refer to the Monitoring IIS Web Servers document. All other layers have been dealt with elaborately in the Monitoring Unix and Windows Servers document.