Monitoring Huawei OceanStor

Figure 1 shows the dedicated OceanStor monitoring model offered by eG Enterprise .

Figure 1 : Layer model of Huawei OceanStor

Each layer of Figure 1 is mapped to a variety of tests that provide valuable insights into the overall performance of the Huawei OceanStor. With the help of the metrics reported by these tests, administrators can find quick and accurate answers for the following queries:

  • Are there too many FC/iSCSI ports disconnected from the storage system?

  • Are the BBUs defective?

  • Is the temperature of the enclosure within the acceptable range?

  • Is the disk domain/LUN/storage pool running out of space?

  • Is there a sudden spike in the CPU and memory utilization?

  • Are the number of packets lost/ transmitted with errors high?

  • Are there too many fans currently malfunctioning?

  • Are there any signals lost/connections failed during transmission?

  • Are there any ports that display abnormal behaviour?

  • Is the LUN consuming too much bandwidth?

  • Is the node/port handling too many IO requests?

  • Is the cache handling too many read/write requests?

  • Is the storage system facing any space crunches?