What is Huawei OceanStor?

Huawei OceanStor is a comprehensive data storage solution that serves as a trustworthy and intelligent foundation for diverse applications, enabling organizations to navigate the complex digital landscape. OceanStor is tailored to meet the demands of the digital economy. It provides converged and flexible storage solutions that empower organizations of all sizes.

Why Monitor Huawei OceanStor?

Monitoring Huawei OceanStor ensures optimal performance (identifying bottlenecks or anomalies, optimize storage configurations and ensure efficient data access), availability (detects early signs of hardware failures, allowing proactive maintenance or replacement), security (detect unauthorized access attempts, abnormal behavior, or security breaches), and effective resource utilization (how effectively resources like CPU, memory, and network are utilized), contributing to a robust and reliable storage infrastructure. It is hence important that the performance of the Huawei OceansStor is monitored 24x7. This is what exactly eG Enterprise offers.