The IBM BladeCenter Chassis unit is a high-density, high-performance, rack-mounted blade server system. The IBM BladeCenter Chassis is specifically developed for medium-to-large businesses, NEBS telecommunications network applications and other applications requiring physical robustness. The BladeCenter chassis can accommodate multiple blades that share common resources, such as power, cooling, management, and I/O resources.

In order to be able to carry out the designated task smoothly, the blade servers should receive adequate support from the chassis components such as the fans, power modules, management modules etc. In other words, an unexpected failure of the power modules or a sudden increase in the  temperature, can affect the operations of not just one, but all the blade servers within the chassis. This in turn adversely affects the performance of the IBM BladeCenter Chassis. To avoid such eventualities, the chassis and its core components have to be continuously monitored. This is where eG Enterprise lends helping hands to administrators.