Pre-requisites for Monitoring IBM Cognos Business Intelligence

To enable the eG agent to use JMX to pull out metrics from IBM Cognos Business Intelligence, do the following;

  1. Login to the target IBM Cognos Business Intelligence server.

  2. Open the file located at <IBM_COGNOS_BI_HOME>\webapps\p2pd\WEB-INF folder.

  3. Search for rmiregistryport line.

  4. If the rmiregistryport line is not available, then include the same in the following format:

    rmiregistryport=<port number>

    If the JMX listens on port 9999, then your entry should be:


  5. Finally, save the file and restart all the services pertaining to IBM Cognos Business Intelligence.

  6. Next, while configuring the tests for monitoring IBM Cognos Business Intelligence, do the following:

    • Set the port that you defined in step 4 above (in the file) as the JMX Remote Port;

    • Set the JMX User, JMX Password and Confirm Password parameters to none.

    • Update the test configuration.