IBM Logical Drive Traffic Test

This test reports the level of I/O and transaction traffic on each LUN so that, you can accurately isolate LUNs that are over-loaded.

Target of the test : An IBM DS Raid Storage device

Agent deploying the test : A remote agent

Outputs of the test : One set of results for each LUN

Configurable parameters for the test
Parameter Description

Test Period

How often should the test be executed .


The IP address of the storage device


The port number at which the specified Host listens. By default, this is NULL.


The test uses the command-line utility, SMcli.exe, to collect the required statistics from the IBM DS Raid Storage device. To enable the test to run the SMcli.exe, provide the full path to the exe in the SMCliLocation text box.


If the SMcli.exe resides in say, C:\Program Files\IBM_DS\client, your SMCliLocation should be : C:\Progra~1\IBM_DS\client. On the other hand, if the SMcli.exe resides in say, C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM_DS\client, your SMCliLocation should be: C:\Progra~2\IBM_DS\client.

Alternate Controller IP

By default, the Alternate Controller IP text box is set to none. This implies that by default, the storage device being monitored supports a single controller only, and the IP address of this controller is the same as the IP address of the target Host. Sometimes, a storage device could be configured with two/more controllers, so as to provide fail-over services - in other words, if the primary controller is down, then one of the alternate controllers will take over from the primary to provide the critical storage services. In this case, you can provide a comma-separated list of alternate controller IPs in the Alternate Controller IP text box.


Indicate the duration (in seconds) for which this test should wait for a response from the storage device. By default, this is set to 30 seconds.

Measurements made by the test



Measurement Unit


Current IO operations

Indicates the number of I/O operations on this LUN during the last measurement period.



Percent read operations

Indicates the percentage of read operations on this LUN.



Percent write operations

Indicates the percentage of write operations on this LUN.



Cache hit percent

Indicates the percentage of requests served from the cache by this LUN.


A high value is ideally desired for this measure. A low value could imply that most of the data requested is not in the cache, which in turn could result in a high degree of direct disk accesses.

Transaction rate

Indicates the rate of transactions to this LUN.



I/O operations rate

Indicates the rate of I/O operations to this LUN.