Monitoring the IBM HMC Server

eG Enterprise offers a dedicated IBM HMC Server model, which provides a top-down view of the performance of the HMC server. The tests mapped to each layer of this model are capable of alerting you to anomalies ranging from hardware failures to breaks in the availability of the HMC server to unusually high user logins to the server or sudden logouts.

layer model

Figure 1 : Layer model of the HCM server

Using the metrics reported by the layer model, answers to persistent performance queries can be found:

  • Is the HMC server available? If so, how quickly can a remote connection to the server be established?
  • Do all disk partitions on the server have adequate space?
  • Is any processor supported by the server over-utilized?
  • Is there a contention for memory resources on the server?
  • How many pSeries servers and AIX LPARs have been managed by the server?
  • Is any pSeries server not operating currently?
  • Is the server currently overloaded with user sessions? What type of sessions are these - sessions initiated by SSH terminals or the HMC console?
  • Have too many users suddenly logged out of the server?