Monitoring IBM Storwize v7000 storage system

eG Enterprise provides you with extensive monitoring capabilities for the IBM Storwize v7000 storage system. A single eG agent is capable of monitoring the IBM Storwize v7000 storage system. Every layer of the monitoring model is mapped to a wide variety of tests that a single agent executes and extracts loads of performance metrics from the IBM Storwize v7000 storage system.

Figure 3 : The layer model of IBM Storwize v7000 storage system

The metrics thus collected would be useful to figure out accurate answers to the following performance queries:

  • Are the VDisks processing I/O requests quickly, or has any processing bottleneck been noticed in any VDisk?
  • Which VDisk is the slowest in I/O processing?
  • Is any VDisk in a degraded state currently? If so, which one?
  • How is the VDisk cache? Is the cache of any VDisk corrupt?
  • Is any port on a node overloaded? Which one is it and how well is it processing read-write requests?
  • Is any FC port experiencing errors in operation?
  • Are all nodes in a cluster processing I/O requests at optimal speed, or is there any node that is experiencing significant latencies during processing?
  • Which node canister is hogging the CPU?
  • How are the VDisk caches utilized? Which VDisk is under-utilizing its cache and why? Is it because the cache is not adequately sized?
  • Which VDisk cache is accumulating data and why?
  • Which MDisk is the slowest when reading from and/or writing to the disk?
  • Is any MDisk offline or degraded?
  • The RAID status of which MDisk is degraded?
  • Is I/O load uniformly balanced across all drives, or is any drive overloaded with requests?
  • Is any drive processing I/O at a rate slower than the other drives? If so, which drive is it and why?
  • Which drive is currently in a degraded state and what is its capacity?
  • Which enclosure is degraded? What is its composition?
  • Which enclosure slots have drives and which ones don't?
  • Does any enclosure have power supplies in a degraded state?
  • Are all canisters online and operating normally?
  • How much charge is left with enclosure batteries? Which battery is fast-approaching its end-of-life?
  • Does any battery require reconditioning?

The Network layer of an IBM Storwize v7000 storage system model is similar to that of a Windows Generic server model. Since the tests associated with this layer have been dealt with in the Unix and Windows Servers monitoring model.