The JVM Layer

By default, no tests are mapped to the jvm layer of the WebSphere Application server 6.0 (or above). This is because, all tests reporting critical JVM-related metrics are disabled by default for the WebSphere server. To enable one/more of these tests, open the agents – tests configuration page using the Agents -> Tests -> Configure menu sequence, select WebSphere Application from the Component type list, scroll down the test list that appears to view the disabled tests section, select the check box corresponding to the JVM test of interest to you, and then, click the Update button.

If all the JVM tests are enabled, then clicking on the jvm layer will display the test list depicted by Figure 1 below.


Figure 1 : The tests mapped to the JVM layer

These tests collectively report the resource usage and overall health of the WebSphere JVM. These tests have been elaborately discussed in Monitoring Java Applications document. The forthcoming sections deal with the tests pertaining to the WebSphere Application Server.