Command List

Given below is a random list of commands that you can use (as and when appropriate) to troubleshoot issues with MQ server monitoring:

  1. To create a queue manager and make it the default queue manager:

    crtmqm -q <Queue Manager Name>

  2. To start the default queue manager: strmqm
  3. To start a specific queue manager: strmqm <Queue Manager Name>
  4. To stop the default queue manager: endmqm
  5. To stop a specific queue manager: endmqm <Queue Manager Name>
  6. To delete a specific queue manager:  dltmqm <Queue Manager Name>
  7. To view all the queue managers that have been configured, and their status: /opt/mqm/bin/dspmq

  8. The following command is used to issue MQSC commands. Note that no prompt appears after you execute this command.


  9. To check a user’s permissions:

    dspmqaut -m MQCAUXT1 -t qmgr -p eguser

    dspmqaut -m MQCAUXT1 -t qmgr -p eguser AMQ7077

  10. To set permissions: setmqaut