IGEL Cloud Gateway - An Overview

The IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG) enables the IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS) to securely manage endpoint devices outside the company network. IGEL Cloud Gateway extends the Universal Management Suite via a standard internet connection to endpoints running in remote branch offices, at home offices or by roaming road warriors. Whether based in the cloud or in the DMZ, IGEL Cloud Gateway seamlessly authenticates connection and transfers necessary data between the Universal Management Suite and the endpoint, without a VPN or leased line.

Figure 1 : The architecture of IGEL Cloud Gateway in an IGEL environment

Following are a few advantages of IGEL Cloud Gateway:

  • Replaces expensive VPN or leased lines with a dedicated tunnel for IGEL endpoint management, optimized for unreliable networks.

  • Zero touch deployment at remote locations for simple set-up of an off-the shelf device without pre-configuration.

  • Transparent endpoint management of remote clients by leveraging the same function of the Universal Management Suite as for local clients.

  • Secure HTTPS based protocol encrypts all communication. Certificates authorize and authenticate all connections.

  • Flexible architecture to install IGEL Cloud Gateway on-premises or deploy as a cloud service.

Why Monitor IGEL Cloud Gateway?

In environments where users access the IGEL Endpoints from a remote location through IGEL Cloud Gateway, it is important for the administrators to constantly keep a vigil on the sessions initiated by the users. A sudden surge in the HTTP sessions due to reasons such as malicious attack, security vulnerabilities etc if left unnoticed may cause severe damage to the infrastructure. To proactively identify issues in the environment where IGEL Cloud Gateway is deployed, it is essential for the administrators to constantly keep a vigil on the sessions initiated by the users and on the log files where issues are logged in periodically. To keep a round the clock vigil on the user sessions initiated through IGEL Cloud Gateway, eG Enterprise offers a dedicated IGEL Cloud Gateway monitoring model.