Monitoring IGEL Cloud Gateway

eG Enterprise facilitates 24x7 monitoring of the IGEL Cloud Gateway and proactively alerts administrators to abnormal sessions initiated through the IGEL Cloud Gateway.

Layer Model Of IGEL Cloud Gateway

Figure 1 : Layer model of IGEL Cloud Gateway

Each layer of Figure 1 above is mapped to a variety of tests that execute on the IGEL Cloud Gateway and collect performance statistics that reveal the following:

  • How many IGEL endpoints are connected through IGEL Cloud Gateway?

  • How many endpoints are disconnected and how many endpoints are logging out, when connected through IGEL Cloud Gateway?

  • What is the HTTP session load on IGEL Cloud Gateway? Were the count of HTTP sessions initiated on / terminated from IGEL Cloud Gateway abnormally high?

  • How many Error, Debug and Info messages were logged in the log files of the IGEL Cloud Gateway? What was the error message that was frequently recorded in the log files?

The section to come will focus on IGEL Cloud Gateway layer alone. Click on the link below to know the test associated with this layer of Figure 1.

The IGEL Cloud Gateway Layer