The eG Enterprise Advantage

eG Enterprise understands need for dedicated, end-to-end management and monitoring in IGEL infrastructures. This is why, unlike many EUC/Digital Workspace-only vendors, eG Innovations serves as a whole-of-Enterprise provider of monitoring solutions, covering:

  • Key components in the IGEL infrastructure; the list includes IGEL Endpoints, IGEL UMS, IGEL Cloud Gateway etc.;

  • EUC and Digital workspaces, e.g., Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (CVAD), Citrix Cloud service, Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDS), VMware Horizon, VMware Horizon Cloud Service, AWS Workspaces;

  • Enterprise Application monitoring, e.g., SAP, PeopleSoft, and SharePoint

  • Enhanced Office 365/Microsoft 365 monitoring

  • Container alongside VM monitoring (e.g., Kubernetes and Docker)

eG Enterprise offers specialized models for each of these components, out-of-the-box. These models provide in-depth insights into the performance and problems of the individual components. Additionally, eG Enterprise automatically discovers the inter-dependencies between the components engaged in delivering IGEL as a service, end-to-end. When users complain of service slowness/outages, eG Enterprise auto-correlates the performance issues captured on the basis of the discovered dependencies, and accurately pinpoints the source of the slowness/outage - is it the network? the IGEL UMS? the IGEL Cloud Gateway? the EUC/Digital workspace? or the IGEL endpoint? Precise root-cause diagnosis facilitates speedy resolution of the problem. This way, eG Enterprise ensures the high availability of the IGEL services.

eG's documentation portal provides dedicated documents detailing eG's monitoring capabilities with respect to each of the components/domains listed above.

In this topic , we will be seeing how eG Enterprise monitors IGEL Endpoints alone, and what metrics it reports.