Why Monitor IGEL?

Most organizations have tools that provide deep visibility into the datacenter components, the servers and virtual desktops. A key missing piece limiting the end-to-end visibility is the endpoint that users connect to their digital workspaces from. If the endpoint is slow or has a resource bottleneck, it will affect the user experience. At the same time, from an administrator's point of view, lack of visibility into endpoint performance hinders troubleshooting. Administrators often spend hours troubleshooting in the datacenter when the real issue is on the endpoint.

eG Enterprise integrates with the IGEL software-defined endpoint management platform to eliminate the visibility gap in IGEL-based digital workspace deployments. From the eG Enterprise console, administrators can monitor and report the performance of their IGEL endpoints, IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS) and IGEL cloud Gateway components installed in their environment. The end-to-end performance visibility and embedded analytics provided by eG Enterprise - along with the enhanced endpoint management and control provided by IGEL - enable end user computing teams to successfully make the shift from managing desktops to managing digital customer experience.