How Does eG Enterprise Monitor IGEL UMS?

eG Enterprise monitors a standalone IGEL UMS server in an agent-based manner.

In this approach, an eG agent deployed on the IGEL UMS server periodically runs REST API commands on the server to report on server availability and the status of each IGEL Endpoint registered with the IGEL UMS. This way, eG Enterprise enables administrators to promptly detect performance issues on the server and resolve them, so that user experience with the server remains unaffected. The eG agent also uses JMX to pull out metrics from the Java Virtual Machine of the IGEL UMS server.

Enabling JMX on IGEL UMS Server

To enable the eG agent to use JMX to pull out metrics from the JVM of the target IGEL UMS server, do the following:

  1. Login to the IGEL UMS server host.

  2. Edit the editTomcatService.bat file available in the <IGEL_UMS_INSTALL_DIR>\IGEL\RemoteManager\rmguiserver\bin folder.

    Insert the following lines in the file:<PortNo>

    For instance, if the JMX listens on port 12233, then the first line of the above specification would be:

  3. Finally, save the file.

  4. Next, while configuring the tests pertaining to the JVM layer, do the following:

  5. Set the port that you defined in step 2 above (in the editTomcatService.bat file) as the JMX Remote Port;

  6. Set the JMX User and JMX Password parameters to none.

  7. Update the test configuration.