IGEL UMS - An Overview

IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS) is a single management solution for up to tens of thousands of endpoints running IGEL OS. This is extremely easy to use and purpose-built to simplify complex enterprise environments. The UMS enables simple and secure endpoint configuration. The IGEL UMS compliments IGEL OS endpoints and significantly reduces endpoint management costs. This simple, smart and secure management software lets IT easily manage any remote endpoint from a single console. The IGEL UMS enables customization for organizations with multiple teams. The High Availability option enables the IGEL Universal Management Suite to offer any degree of scalability, availability and redundancy. With high availability, large-scale endpoint environments (500 or more end devices) can be constantly managed by the UMS if one of the UMS servers becomes unavailable.

Why Monitor IGEL UMS?

In large-scale environments where IGEL Endpoints are accessed by the users, non-availability of the IGEL UMS server can severely affect the overall performance of that environment. This would largely affect the user experience and if the issue is persistent or occurs frequently, there would be a significant drop in the revenue of that environment. To ensure availability of the IGEL UMS server to the IGEL Endpoints, it becomes essential for the administrators to periodically monitor the status of the IGEL UMS. This can be achieved using the IGEL UMS monitoring model offered by eG Enterprise.

To monitor IGEL UMS servers that are part of a cluster setup, eG Enterprise offers IGEL UMS High-Availability and IGEL UMS Node monitoring models.