Monitoring IGEL UMS Server

The eG Enterprise facilitates 24x7 monitoring of the IGEL UMS server and proactively alerts if the IGEL UMS server is down.

Figure 1 : Layer model of IGEL UMS server

Each layer of Figure 1 above is mapped to a variety of tests that execute on the IGEL UMS server and collect performance statistics that reveal the following:

  • Are the IGEL UMS servers available and responding well?

  • Are there sufficient resources to handle the workload?

  • Is the UMS application configured with adequate Java heap space?

  • Are Any threads in the JVM blocking others or taking excessive CPU?

  • Are the key UMS processes operational?

  • Are the SSL certificates configured on UMS working and are they nearing expiry?

The section to come will focus on IGEL Resources layer alone. Click on the link below to know which tests are associated with this layer of Figure 1.

The IGEL Resources Layer