Administering eG Manager to monitor IIS Web Server

After installation of eG agent, please follow the following steps to configure eG to monitor an IIS web server.

  1. Login to eG user interface as an administrator.
  2. If the IIS Web Server is already discovered, navigate to the Components - Manage / Unmanage / Delete page following the menu Infrastructure -> Components -> Manage/Unmanage/Delete, to manage it.
  3. On the other hand, if the IIS Web Server is yet to be discovered, then run the   discovery procedure to get IIS Web servers discovered, or manually add the IIS Web server. To run the discovery, follow the Infrastructure -> Discovery menu sequence, and click the Start option under the Actions node in the DISCOVERY tree after configurig the required parameters to discover the server.
  4. To manually add the IIS Web Server, go to the COMPONENTS page through the Infrastructure -> Components -> Add/Modify menu sequence.
  5. The Components page will then appear. In the Components page, select Microsoft IIS Web as the Component type and click the Add New Component button. Figure 1 will then appear.

    Figure 1 : Adding a Microsoft IIS Web component

  6. Specify the Host IP/Name and the Nick name for the Microsoft IIS Web component in .
  7. The Port number will be set as 80 by default. If the Microsoft IIS Web server is listening on a different port in your environment, then override this default setting.
  8. If a Microsoft Transaction server (MTS) is available on the target IIS web server, then, you can manage the MTS server along with your IIS web server by setting the MTS enabled flag to Yes. This will automatically add a Microsoft Transaction server component, with the same IP-nickname as the IIS web server (see Figure 2)

    Figure 2 : An MTS server being automatically added

  9. Components added using the Components page will automatically appear in the Managed Components list of the Components - Manage / Unmanage / Delete page (see Figure 3). Discovered servers, on the other hand, need to be managed manually using the Components - Manage / Unmanage / Delete page (see Figure 3). For accessing this page, use the menu sequence Infrastructure -> Components ->Manage/Unmanage/Delete. The screen below shows all the IIS Web Servers discovered in a given range but not managed. Select the component-type that requires monitoring from the Component type list. To manage a particular component of the selected type, select the component from the Unmanaged Componenets list and click on the button and finally, the Update button.

    Figure 3 : Viewing the list of unmanaged IIS web servers

  10. After managing the web server, the screen would appear as shown below:

    Figure 4 : Managing an IIS web server

  11. Then, proceed to configure web sites and related transactions for the IIS web server. Refer to Monitoring Apache Web Server document for a more elaborate discussion on how to configure web sites and transactions.

  12. Once this is done, sign out of the eG administrative interface.