Configuring Access to the eG Manager(s)

Once installed, the CLI should know which eG manager it needs to execute commands on. For this purpose, you need to configure a profile for the eG manager installation in your environment and assign a distinct manager ID to that manager. This is a ‘one-time’ activity and will not have to be repeated every time a command is executed via CLI.

In large environments where multiple eG managers may have been deployed, you may want to configure the CLI to communicate with a few/all the eG managers, so that the entire environment can be administered without using the eG web interface. To enable this, multiple manager profiles can be configured on the CLI with unique IDs for each manager. If need be, you can even create multiple profiles for the same manager, each with a different manager ID. 

Also, to enable the CLI to login to the eG manager and perform administrative tasks on it, you have to configure the manager profile with the credentials of a user who is assigned the ‘Admin’ role on that manager. 

The sub-sections below discuss how to create, modify, and delete the manager profiles.