Installing the eG CLI on Unix

To install the eG CLI on a Linux host, you will have to run a  setup script called iCLI_linux. To install the eG CLI on a Solaris host on the other hand, the setup script you should run is iCLI_solaris.


The script for installing the eG CLI on as Unix host requires super-user privileges for execution.

Upon running the script, the steps discussed below will follow:

  1. The eG CLI on Unix should be installed and executed by a separate user. Provide the name of this eG user when prompted.

    This script will install the eG CLI.

    The eG CLI must be executed by a separate user. If you have

    already installed the eG manager/agent on this system, please

    use the same user account for the eG CLI installation.

    Enter the name of the eG user [egurkha]: egcli

  2. Next, specify where the eG CLI should be installed - i.e., the install directory of the eG CLI.

    Enter the directory in which the eG CLI should be installed [/opt]: /opt

  3. Then, enter the group to which the eG user belongs.

    Enter the group to which the eG user is to be associated [egurkha]: egurkha

  4. Provide the password of the eG user that you just created.

    The installer will now install the eG CLI...

    Press <Enter> to continue, or <CTRL-C> to stop the installation


    Creating user egcli belonging to group egurkha ...

    useradd: warning: the home directory already exists.

    Not copying any file from skel directory into it.

    Changing password for user egcli.

    New UNIX password:

    Retype new UNIX password:

  5. Once the installation ends, a message indicating whether/not the CLI installation was successful will appear.


    The eG CLI has been successfully installed!