Benefits of Integrating eG Enterprise with Power BI

The eG Enterprise-Power BI alliance benefits different stakeholders with different analytical needs.

  • Customers can run health checks on their mission-critical systems and servers each month using eG Enterprise, and then export the performance results to Power BI for quick month-over-month analysis for effectively comparing performance across months.

  • Disturbing performance trends (if any) can be rapidly captured using these insights.

  • Service Providers can leverage the graphical capabilities of Power BI to instantly build reports and dashboards depicting the overall performance of a customer environment during different timelines. These visualizations can then be presented to that customer to enable a detailed slice-and-dice analysis of performance.

  • Administrative staff can export performance metrics collected before and after an OS migration or hot fix/patch application to Power BI. They can then create intuitive comparative views in Power BI to understand how the migration/bug fix has impacted different KPIs.

  • Service managers can pick and choose the service metrics they want to audit in real-time and selectively export them to Power BI along with their thresholds.

  • Real-time service dashboards can be configured using Power BI, which will enable service managers to capture SLA slippages on-the-fly! This means that both online and offline analysis of performance data can be achieved by integrating eG Enterprise with Power BI.