Why Should eG Enterprise Integrate with Power BI?

eG Enterprise is a converged application and infrastructure performance monitoring solution that collects hundreds of thousands of performance metrics across every layer and every IT tier. Users of eG Enterprise are looking for different ways to visualize the performance data collected by it. While the built-in reporting console in eG Enterprise offers a wide variety of reports, administrators may still want to analyze and present the data in different ways. This is where Microsoft Power BI can be used.

Where both eG Enterprise and Power BI are in use, users can easily integrate the data strength of eG Enterprise with the analytical expertise of Power BI. Through this integration, users can effortlessly convert the real-time and historical data that eG provides into visually-rich reports and dashboards. The up-to-the-minute analytics, advanced reporting, and fluid visualizations that Power BI offers, provides eG customers with interesting new perspectives to performance, thus empowering them to take intelligent and well-informed performance/business decisions.