The Internet Transaction Server is the platform-independent, browser-based SAP client that typically comprises of two components: a WGate component, and an AGate component. The WGate component is a CGI program that runs within a web server (Apache). This component interfaces between the web server and the AGate component, and facilitates the transmission of requests from the web server and HTML responses from the AGate component. 

The AGate component, on the other hand, performs the following functions:

  • Sends the requests received from the WGate component to the SAP application server
  • Receives ‘Screen’ from the application server
  • Formats ‘Screen’ into HTML using an HTML Template file and style sheets
  • Sends the formatted page to WGate

As the SAP ITS serves as an interface between the users and the SAP application server, any performance slowdown or non-availability that the SAP ITS experiences can negatively impact the user interaction with the SAP environment. If such an outcome is to be prevented, then both the AGate and WGate components of SAP ITS need to be kept under constant observation. To avoid such eventualities. eG Enterprise offers a monitoring model that helps administrators for continuously monitoring performance of the Internet Transaction Server .