Monitoring the IronPort AsyncOS Mail Server

eG Enterprise embeds a 100% web-based IromPort AsyncOS Mail monitoring model that monitors the critical hardware and services offered by the IronPort appliance, so that abnormalities are captured early and remedied promptly.


Figure 1 : Layer model of the IronPort AsyncOS Mail server

Each layer of the layer model is mapped to a series of tests that reports a wealth of performance metrics related to the appliance. These metrics can provide accurate answers for the following performance queries:

  • Is there a CPU bottleneck on the appliance?
  • Is the fan on the appliance running abnormally fast?
  • Is there a memory shortage on the appliance?
  • Is the power supply to the appliance faulty?
  • Has there been a RAID failure?
  • Is the temperature of the appliance very high?
  • Are too many requests to the DNS server outstanding?
  • Is the email queue full?
  • Are there enough email threads to perform mail transfer?