The JBoss Server Layer

This layer helps the administrators find quick and accurate performance measures for the following:

  • The number of incoming requests processed by each connector;
  • The number of connections available in the connection pool of the datasources and XA-datasources, the utilization of the connections by the datasource and the XA datatsource;
  • The availability of the prepared statements; the number of prepared statements accessed from the prepared statement cache of the datasource and the XA datasource?
  • The number of times the servlet was invoked;
  • The time duration taken by the servlet for execution;
  • The number of EJBs that are ready to service clients;
  • The number of  EJBs currently in the EJB pool;
  • The number of messages that are enqueued in the queue;
  • The time taken by the queue to process messages;
  • The time taken by the topic to process the messages;
  • The type of message are currently available in the topic;
  • The number of durable subscribers to a topic;
  • The number of transactions of various types that were processed; etc

Figure 1 : The tests mapped to the JBoss Server layer