JRun is an application server from Macromedia that is based on Sun Microsystems' Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE). JRun consists of Java Server Page (JSP), Java servlets, Enterprise JavaBeans, the Java Transaction Service (JTS), and the Java Messaging Service (JMS). JRun works with the most popular Web servers including Apache, Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS), and any other Web server that supports Internet Server Application Program Interface (ISAPI) or the Web's common gateway interface (CGI).

If the JRun application server is unable to process the business logic swiftly and efficiently, end-users are bound to experience a significant slowdown in the responsiveness of the web application they interact with. To ensure that the applications supported by the JRun server function optimally at all times, constant monitoring of the JRun server’s availability and internal operations is essential.