How does eG Enterprise Monitor Jetty server?

eG Enterprise employs both agent-based and agentless approach to monitor the Jetty web server. However, the recommended monitoring approach is agent-based only. For agentless monitoring of Jetty server, the eG agent should be deployed on a remote Windows host in the environment. For agent-based monitoring, make sure that the eG agent is deployed on the Jetty server being monitored.

The eG agent, deployed either on the Jetty server host or on a remote Windows host in the environment (depending upon the monitoring approach – whether agent-based or agentless), can be configured to connect to the JRE used by Jetty server and pull out metrics of interest, using JMX (Java Management Extension). For this, you need to enable JMX support for the JRE of Jetty server. To know how to enable JMX support for the JRE of Jetty server, refer to Enabling JMX for Jetty  topic.

Moreover, to trace the path of each transaction to Jetty server in real-time and measure its responsiveness, the eG Java Business Transaction Monitor (BTM) can be used. For this, you need to first deploy eG Java BTM on Jetty server. The steps to enable BTM for Jetty server are detailed in Enabling Java Business Transaction Monitoring for Jetty topic.