What is Jetty server?

Whenever you access a page on the internet, a web server does the work of sending you the right text files, images, hyperlinks, and other data. To serve content on the web, the server uses a scripting language, such as Python or Ruby. Jetty is an open-source web server that uses Java scripting language, which makes it easy to embed into Java applications.

Jetty also functions as a servlet container. A servlet is a type of Java class that handles specific requests and implements web applications. The servlet container transfers the request to the target servlet to execute, whether to create a web page, access a database record, collect input through a HTML form, or carry out another type of online action.

Why Monitor Jetty server?

To ensure the uninterrupted operations of the Jetty web server, administrator should continuously track overall health indicators such as the availability of the Jetty server, responsiveness, resource usage at the host-level and at the application server level, how well the application server processes requests, how quickly the server completes transactions, overall server security, etc. To cater to the requirements of such administrators, eG Enterprise provides a specialized Jetty Web server model. The statistics reported by this model, enable administrators to find out accurate answers to server's health related queries.