Monitoring the Juniper Netscreen SSG

eG Enterprise has designed a specialized Juniper Netscreen SSG monitoring model (see ), which periodically monitors the Netscreen firewall device and reports the following key statistics, which provide administrators with effective pointers to the source of their firewall problems, and tips to fine-tune their firewall configuration.

Figure 1 : Layer model of the Netscreen Firewall

Each layer of the layer model is mapped with number of tests that report the metrics related to performance of the Netscreen firewall device. These metrics provide the accurate answers for the following performance queries;

  • Is the Firewall device experiencing a shortage of resources?
  • Were any malicious attacks attempted on the environment recently? What type of attacks were they?
  • Is the data flow between the network interfaces smooth, or were too many data packets dropped?
  • Is traffic to the Netscreen policies optimal?
  • Is the Netscreen VPN tunnel available and healthy?