Pre-requisites for Monitoring KVM Infrastructures

General Pre-requisites

  • Enable the remote agent to communicate with the eG manager port (default: 7077).
  • If VMs running on multi-byte operating systems are to be monitored (e.g., Windows Japanese), then the remote agent monitoring such VMs should also run on a multi-byte operating system.
  • 32-bit VMs that are to be monitored in an agentless manner should be configured with at least 2 GB RAM, and 64-bit VMs require at least 4 GB RAM. If more than four KVM servers are being monitored in an agentless manner, then the RAM capacity of the VMs should be increased proportionately.

Pre-requisites for auto-discovering the VMs on a KVM Server

By default, the remote agent monitoring the KVM server cannot determine the IP address of the guest VMs hosted on the server. Instead, the MAC address of the guest VMs are determined by the remote agent. To obtain the IP address of the guest VMs from the MAC address, administrators are required to execute the following command from the command prompt of the KVM server host:

arp –an

Once this command is executed, the IP address of the VMs will be retrieved from the network neighbor cache of the KVM server and displayed. If the IP address is not available in the cache, then administrators have to manually ping the IP address of the VMs once from the KVM server host. The VMs will now be auto discovered after a wait period of 5 to 10 minutes. To auto discover the VMs immediately, you may need to restart the eG remote agent.