HP LeftHand P4000 SAN Solutions deliver enterprise functionality that enhances virtual environments, simplifies management, and reduces costs. Easy to deploy, scale and maintain, HP P4000 SANs ensure that crucial business data remains available. The innovative approach to storage provides unique double fault protection across the entire SAN, reducing vulnerability without driving up costs the way traditional SANs can.

Failure of hardware components crucial to the functioning of the storage node of the storage cluster (such as voltage sensors, fans, power supply units etc.), abnormal state of the storage RAID, RAID controllers, and RAID Controller cache etc, minimal I/O processing capability of the volumes and drives, can significantly impact the performance of the storage system, thereby affecting the quality of the mission-critical services supported by the storage system. 24x7 monitoring of the storage system can greatly help in proactively identifying potential anomalies, and promptly averting them. This is where eG Enterprise helps administrators with two specialized monitoring models for Lefthand SAN Node and Lefthand SAN Cluster!