Monitoring Lefthand SAN Storage Node

eG Enterprise provides you with extensive monitoring capabilities for the Lefthand SAN Storage Node. A single eG agent is capable of monitoring the Lefthand SAN Storage Node. Every layer of the monitoring model is mapped to a wide variety of tests that a single agent executes and extracts loads of performance metrics from the Lefthand SAN Storage Node.

Figure 1 : The layer model of Lefthand SAN Storage Node

The metrics thus collected would be useful to figure out accurate answers to the following performance queries:

  • What is the current status of cluster manager, storage node, Raid controller etc?
  • Is the temperature of all the hardware components in admissible range?
  • Are the fans in the storage system operating at normal speeds? Is any fan in an abnormal state?
  • Are all power supply units in the storage device functioning smoothly, or has any unit in an abnormal state?
  • What is the current temperature and fan speed of the CPU?
  • Is any storage cluster running out of space?
  • How well the space on the storage node was utilized?
  • Is there any node that is experiencing significant latencies during processing I/O operations?
  • What is the total capacity of each volume?
  • What is the level of I/O traffic on each volume?
  • Is the volume experiencing any read/write latencies?
  • How well data was read from and written to each volume per second?
  • Is the cache of any controller in abnormal state?
  • What is the health of each raid controller?
  • What is the operational status of the raid drive?
  • What is the space utilization of snapshots on the storage cluster?