The Domino server family is an integrated messaging and Web application software platform. The Lotus Domino mail server is a powerful messaging server for corporate intranets and the Internet. Its integrated services deliver reliability, superior administration capabilities, and good performance for an organization.

To ensure that such a popular mail server always serves corporates to the best of its ability, the critical internal processes of the server are to be monitored constantly for both availability and overall effectiveness.  These processes include:

  1. Agent Manager
  2. HTTP
  3. SMTP
  4. Server
  5. POP3
  6. Router
  7. Database Replicator
  8. IMAP server

The Domino Mail server monitoring model offered by eG Enterprise provides in-depth insights into the availability and performance of the mail server and reveals critical issues in its performance. With the help of the accurate problem identification and preemptive alerting capabilities of eG Enterprise, administrators can capture and resolve issues before they affect user experience.