Monitoring Lotus Domino Mail Servers

The Domino Mail server monitoring model (see Figure 1) that eG Enterprise offers, periodically verifies the health of the services and processes that are integral to the normal functioning of the mail server, and alerts administrators even when the smallest of issues surface.


Figure 1 : Layer model for a Lotus Domino mail server

The Operating System, Network, Tcp, and Application Processes layers of Figure 1 have been explained adequately in the Monitoring Unix and Windows Servers document. The Mail Service layer’s significance can be ascertained from the Monitoring Mail Server document. This document therefore will discuss only the Domino Database, Domino Server, and Domino Service layers.


An eG agent uses the SNMP Management Information Base (MIB) of the Domino mail server to monitor it. Hence, for the eG agent to monitor the Domino Mail server, it is essential to install the Lotus Notes’ SNMP agent. Before installing the SNMP agent, the SNMP service on the corresponding operating system should be enabled. Please refer to the Domino mail server reference manuals for detailed instructions.