If the measurements of a Microsoft SQL Server are not showing up, check the following:

  1. Is the internal agent running on the Microsoft SQL server?
  2. Is the user / password provided for the Microsoft SqlNet test valid? Does the user specified have the privileges mentioned in Page 180?
  3. eG agents use Windows perfmon counters to monitor Microsoft SQL servers. If these perfmon counters are not enabled, then the eG agents monitoring the Microsoft SQL server will not be able to generate measurements. In order to enable the perfmon counters of the Microsoft SQL server, do the following:

    • Stop the MSSQLServer service, if running. To do this, first, open the Services window using the menu sequence: Start -> Programs -> Administrative Tools -> Services. From the right panel of the window, select the MSSQLSERVER service, right-click on it and select Stop from the shortcut menu that pops out.
    • Next, at the command prompt, move to the <MSSQL_HOME_DIR>\binn directory and then, type the command lodctr sqlctr.ini. This file contains information on all the counters that correspond to the MSSQLServer service. Loading this file activates the counters within.
    • Finally, restart the machine.
    • Upon restarting, all counters corresponding to the MSSQLServer service will be enabled.
  4. If the Network test alone is working, then it could be because the internal agent is not running.
  5. If the Network test is not gathering measurements, then check whether the external agent is running.
  6. If the SQL Network test is not reporting measurements, verify whether the username and password were configured via the admin interface.
  7. If the SQL Network test shows that availability is 0, but the SQL server is up and running, then check whether the right user name and password were configured.