What is Macintosh OS?

Macintosh OS is the computer operating system (OS) for Apple desktops and laptops. It is a proprietary graphical OS that powers every mac. Macintosh OS is built on a Unix-based architecture and provides users with a stable, reliable, and user-friendly experience. The operating system is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, focusing on simplicity and elegance. OSes interact with a computer's hardware, allocating the resources necessary to complete tasks given to it, for example, running an application. OSes allocate resources including memory, processing power and file storage. Macintosh OS performance is generally quick and responsive due to the OS being optimized for the specific hardware.

Why Monitor Macintosh OS?

The Unix-based design, scalability and various other features makes macOS a popular choice amongst developers. However, the significant number of services makes it hard to monitor system status regularly. This is why macOS monitoring is essential to every IT team's set of tools. eG Enterprise is capable of doing this task in a hassle-free way. A unique monitoring model offered by eG Enterprise continuously monitors the macOS and measures the health of the host system.